Can't find variable in a dimensions dropdown

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I’m trying to follow this guide:


I have a signup form AB-test with 4 different discount percentages,

I want to include the right discount code (and percentage) in the welcome mail - according to which of the 4 test variants the customer saw when subscribing.


However, in my flow filter section, I don’t have Properties about someone > $consent_form_id.

I only have the regular $consent and $consent_timestamp.


What am I doing wrong? Completely new to Klaviyo.


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Hello @numzie,

Welcome to Klaviyo!

Can you highlight if this form is new? If this form you are using is new and no one has filled out the form yet, it would be expected that you may not have this $consent_form_id dimension available for use yet. 

You can only create segments and filters off of definitions for that have already taken place. In this case, since it sounds like the form is new and no one has subscribed to it yet, Klaviyo would not have recognized this dimension of a $consent_form_id yet. You can alleviate this by setting the form Live and filling the form out yourself with a test profile/email which would allow Klaviyo to recognize this property to create a dimension off of. 

Hope this helps and thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thanks - makes kind of sense.

Btw - is it possible to use 4 signup form variants and then through conditional logic send out 4 different welcome emails (with each their discount code)?

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Hey @numzie,

It certainly is possible so long as each of those 4 signup variants are passing a specific hidden property. I’ve elaborated on this solution in a similar Community Post previously which you can find below:

Hope this helps!