Can you pull product variants to browse abandonment emails? 

  • 25 January 2022
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I’m trying to create a Browse Abandonment flow and I’m wondering if it’s possible to pull product variants (i.e. size, colour, etc.) to the email templates? Thanks! 


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Hi @Meduardamay


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When creating a browse abandonment flow, you are able to personalize your email by pulling dynamic variable from a user's event data, similar to when you create an abandon cart flow. In order to add pull this info into your email, it will first need to be passed along from your website in your event data. To investigate if this specific info is pushed, I would navigate to your Preview Icon on the right side of your email template and see if you’re able to find the information you’re looking to pull in the data. If the information is available, I would follow the documentation I linked above to follow how you would pull the data into a variable that will display specifically for each customer in their browsing session. 


I’d suggest checking out a similar post made by another Community user to gain additional insight into this!


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Hi @Meduardamay for the browse abandonment specifically, if you use the viewed product tracking shared by klaviyo it will push Name (title), productid (itemid), categories, imageURL and URL, Brand, Price, compareAtPrice as metadata. If you want to extend this than you should improve the standard viewed product tracking script to include what you want it to send to Klaviyo. But remember this will send a single productview to Klaviyo each time a product get's viewed, unlike abandoned cart that can have multiple products in the event.


More info on adding the Viewed Product tracking on shopify


If you want specific size, color etc then you might be better of using an “added to cart” tracker that sends the specific product someone added to their cart which does have these data points.


Hope it helps and makes sense?


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