Can you use event variables on a campaign, not just a flow?

  • 8 December 2020
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Hi! I’d like to create a footer that will go at the bottom of each campaign that is filled with the products the customer has been looking at from our website. If the customer has been looking at a green scarf, it should show up dynamically in that feed. If the customer hasn’t been looking at anything, then it should just be a block of our top selling products or something.

To me, it looks like this can only be done in the flows. I tried using {{ event.ImageUrl }} in a regular campaign, but it doesn’t look like it works because the event isn’t defined. Has anyone tried this in a campaign and not a flow? Or is it not possible?



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Hey there! Thanks for visiting the Community. 


Flows allow us to populate emails with dynamic product information because they are triggered by an event that contains that data in the payload. More information on that here. Because campaigns are not triggered by events, but are rather manually sent, we cannot take the same approach. 


That being said, you can leverage our Product Feeds block to populate products in a campaign, and you can order these products depending on overall popularity, recently trending popularity, or by random. More information on that here


In the use case you describe above you can also use our Personalized Recommendation Engine and select the “Viewed Product” metric to generate recommendations based on the products the recipient has viewed on your store. 


Hope this helps and enjoy the rest of your week :)