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  • 29 March 2022
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May I ask how can I control the product language in “Cart Abandon Email”? It seems that Klaviyo pull the product data directly from our Shopify store (default language now is English), and we actually have 3 languages translated by Langify.



We would like to have localized Cart Abandon Email for non-English user. Can anyone advise what should we do to achieve that?


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Hi @Caleb814,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

We do have the ability to edit the language for regular text in the template (for example from your screenshot, the word Price). If you’d like to update this text in your email, please see the reply in the thread below for more information:

With respect to any dynamic tags in the template, for example, event.Name, You are correct - we are directly pulling that information from your ecommerce platform. If Shopify or Langify is not sending Klaviyo the translated event data i.e. item name in the correct language, Klaviyo does not currently have a built-in feature that automatically translates email content into different languages nor do we have a current integration with Langify. For more information on customizing content based on language, I recommend checking out our help article here.

If the dynamic text is not coming through in the language of choice, you could consider removing the item name entirely and leaving just the item image and price in these emails.

You can also use conditional splits to sort people by the country property (which is a default Klaviyo property which we apply based on the person's detected location) and send them into different email paths down a flow based on the country property. Here’s an example:

Sending different emails based on country of the user



I hope that is helpful! Thanks for being a member of our community.