Change the front image on the PRODUCT BLOCK to a different image (ei, different variant/colour)

  • 22 November 2021
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I can’t seem to find this answer anywhere.


I am using the PRODUCT BLOCK in a campaign, and just want to change the photo to another colour.


Is this possible?


The photo would come from the same product - just a different colour.


Using Shopify





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7 replies

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Hello @studiocarly,

It sounds like you’re trying to use a different variant of a specific product to be displayed in the Product Block. This is certainly possible so long as the variant with this other color is its own separate standalone product that has been published in your catalog. If it is, you should be able to search your catalog in the product block to locate this specific variant and select to display it. I would recommend reading up on using the Product Block from the How to Insert a Product Block Help Center article.

I’ve also gone ahead and included some Community posts below that come to mind on this topic that I believe can further help you:

I hope this helps!


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Hi David.


Yes, I just need to select a different variant, none of those articles help.


Actually in the Klavyio How to insert a Product Block, you meantion this: Klaviyo will pull in the primary image of a product, so it's not possible to use a variant image instead.


My Shopify products are set up like this, and we need to feature different colours in the email campaigns. 



In klaviyo, I only see the first image of the product, not all colours



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Hey @studiocarly,

Thanks for that clarification as the situation makes a lot more sense now!

The quote you pulled from the How to Insert a Product Block Help Center article would be correct! This is because this “variant” product is not its own standalone item within your catalog but rather an alternative to one product. In which case, it would not be possible to have this variant image be pulled as Klaviyo will only be synced with the product’s primary image; not the variant’s. 

This is further supported by what you are displaying within your catalog that as opposed to a variety of different “Federico dress” appearing in your catalog, there is only one. To alleviate this, I would suggest manually building and mimicking the product block using image blocks and text blocks to be used within your email. 

Alternatively, you can also add the “Federico dress” variant you want to display as its own product within your backend catalog. Doing so would allow you to pull in this new standalone product which was technically a variant to be used within your email.


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Thanks David, I agree there are ways around it by just building manual blocks.  Just that my client is complaining about it - as they keep having sales that are “ 20% off this special print only” 

Therefore… they way I build the store, with the variations under each style, is causing them a bit too much rework in Klaviyo.


Also I thought, if we could choose a different image in the product block - it would be great to quickly showcase back views, or close up features, or ghost images.  It would be an amazing feature to have in Klaviyo.



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Hey @studiocarly,

Thanks for the great suggestions and feedback! I’ll share your thoughts and suggestions to our product team to explore further as I too, also believe that this would be a great product enhancement!

Have a great day!


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Hope this could be added that you can change the image of a product in Klaviyo. It would be very handy!

Yes, I would also like to see the feature. We are all told to have one product page with colour variants rather than lots of product pages for SEO reasons. 

I am in the process of changing my website to this but get frustrated in Klaviyio as I cant show alternative colour that look good with certain products.