Check stock before sending the Abandoned Cart flow

  • 22 December 2021
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Hi there !

Does the Abandoned Cart flow check the product stock before sending the email? If not, how do you set up this filter?

We are on Shopify, set up to not be able to buy Out-of-stock products.



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Hello @mdh,

Great question!

Klaviyo does have a system in place where if a product is out of stock, those products are considered “unpublished” and not displayed in your email outreaches when using a Product Block. This would not extend to a dynamic table block such as the one used in your abandoned cart flow emails as they are built referencing your event data rather than pulling from your catalog. 

However, you can adjust the codes in your dynamic table block to consider if the products are out of stock and not send those emails out to your recipients if they are not available. You can find instructions on how to set this up from the Guide to Out-of-Stock Items and Automated Flows for Shopify Help Center article. 

I hope this helps!


What happens if I add a product to my basket and leave it there until payday. Then it goes out of stock and the page goes ‘unpublished’ but its still in my cart. I would still get the abandoned cart emails. I think? 


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Hey @ZaraLou,

If you haven’t recoded the dynamic table block as mentioned in the Guide to Out-of-Stock Items and Automated Flows for Shopify Help Center article, you would still receive abandoned cart emails despite the product being out of stock/unpublished.