Cloning a flow email into a campaign (ie to send to every profile now!)

  • 14 October 2021
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Hello, looking for help please as very new to all this.

I set up a flow but then obviously didn’t get any of the conditions right and it has only sent to some people in my list not all (as intended). Is there now a way to replicate this email and send as a campaign so I can push through to all my subscribers? Fairly urgent as includes a code to access my store on launch!


1 reply

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Hello @kylie_ch,

Great question!

Instead of recreating the email to be used in a campaign email, you can actually save the flow email’s template if it wasn’t an email template already. @ashley_mcdermott outlines the instructions on this process in the below Community post:

Saving the flow email as a template will allow you to select the saved template for use when creating your campaign email under My Templates as explained in the Guide to Creating and Sending an Email Campaign Help Center article.

I hope this helps!