Collecting more information from profiles in flows

  • 26 April 2021
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I integrated Typeform to Klaviyo and I wish to further enrich profiles using the data sent from Typeform. As per the documentation on Typeform:

The Typeform integration maps the first use of "Name" within a form question to the profile's First Name property in Klaviyo.


Most of our forms are in French, so I do not have “Name” in fields.

Is there a way I can update the First Name and Last Name properties from Custom Properties?




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Hello @bquimper

The integration between Klaviyo and TypeForm will try to match the string “Name” as a First Name Property within Klaviyo. Since your forms are collected in French, which would not have the exact match phrasing of a “Name” field; this would cause Klaviyo to be unable to map the field accordingly. 

That said, if you were collecting “Name” as a custom profile property from TypeForm to Klaviyo, you should still be able to reference this custom name profile property within your emails to simulate addressing your recipients by a personalized name. 

You can use the {{ person|lookup:’CUSTOM_PROFILE_PROPERTY’ }} syntax to reference and display the value of a custom profile property within your emails. You can learn more about using dynamic variable syntaxes and custom profile properties from the below articles:



Thanks David. That’s what I ended up doing but it would be great for Klaviyo to allow enrichment directly in flows.

I should be able to use {{ person|lookup:’CUSTOM_PROFILE_PROPERTY’ }} inside an Update Profile Property value.

Let’s be honest, auto-matching “Name” is a poor international solution.

If any PM is watching, please add to your backlog. :)


I tried to track through a zapier integration and I have to say that the name is entered inside Klaviyo's "First_Name" field.

However, if you want to create custom fields based on the answers obtained in Typeform, when a user completes the form and sends his email, the custom fields are labeled in Klaviyo as "$ source" "API".

It would be nice if you could fix this bug, in order to integrate typeform via Zapier to get properties like "First_Name" "email" "List" and "Custom Properties."

In conclusion, if you directly use the integration of Typeform in Klaviyo, we can segment users based on the answers by creating "Custom Properties" but we cannot obtain the "First_Name" field;
while if we use Zapier, we can get the "First_Name" field but we can't get the "Custom Properties".

Is there an alternative way to get both of these parameters?

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Hello @Vincenzo Cassese,

Zapier is a third party integration which Klaviyo does not have a direct in-house built integration with. This means the connection built between Klaviyo to Zapier to connect TypeForm was created by the developers of Zapier through leveraging Klaviyo’s Track API. If you have not already, I would recommend reaching out to their helpdesk ( as well, as Zapier may have more visibility into the functionality of their integration into how it interacts and sends data to Klaviyo from TypeForm. 

Another alternative solution would be to create your own custom connection between TypeForm and Klaviyo through leveraging Klaviyo’s Track API. Since this integration would be custom, it would offer your full customization in terms of how you want the connection to act; including what fields to be sending to Klaviyo. 

You can find out how to create this custom connection from our following articles: