Creating a flow for specific shopify collection & one/first purchase

  • 25 August 2022
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Hi Everyone, 

I’m hoping you’re able to help with the definition of a specific email flow. 

I would like to send a post-purchase free shipping code to those who place an order that includes a product from our Christmas shopify collection. I only want to send this code to them once, so if they purchase from the christmas collection a second time they wont receive the free shipping code again. 

I’m a little stuck with the definition on this one and hoping the community is able to advise?

Thank you!


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3 replies

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Hi @KCC,

Welcome to the Community.

First, I would like to refer to the unique shopify codes as a precaution to coupon code sharing. Secondly, what sort of flow have you set up for this?

Profiles can only enter List and Segment Triggered Flows once, so if the flow you are referring to is triggered by a list or a segment then they can only enter that flow one time (regardless if they subscribed again).

More details on this can be found in the following guides: 
Guide to Creating a List Triggered Flow
Guide to Creating a Segment-Triggered Flow

Metric and Date triggered Flows allow profiles to enter whenever the trigger applies. This means that every time a customer triggers that metric such as placed order, they will re-enter the flow. Same goes for date triggered flows. 

More details on these types of flows in the following guides: 
Guide to Creating a Metric-Triggered Flow
Guide to Creating a Date Property-Triggered Flow


You could also add an additional filter for Has Ordered Product x equals once over all time, so that it can only trigger off one purchase.


Hope this helped,



Hi Alex, 

Thanks so much thats really helpful. 

What I have created so far is a Segment with the definition of - 

  • Ordered Product at least once in the last 60 days where Collections contains Christmas Decorations

(I’ve kept the date in to make sure that its only capturing people from this year. So i’m thinking what I have created is a Metric and Date flow & people can re-enter. Instead of of ‘at least once’ should I change this to less than 2 & then they cant enter the flow for a second time if they buy again? 

UPDATE - i had a read through the document and it states ‘Contacts can only receive a segment-triggered flow once’ so i think i’m good with the definition ive setup 

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Great to hear @KCC glad that you were able to set up the segment triggered flow!


Have a good day,