Cross sell flow no triggering for users

  • 25 January 2022
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how to create a flow that allows to reach people who bought a certain category of products but not another one. 
here is what I did but it doesn't work 



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Hello @Adamdup,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If you haven’t already, I may suggest checking out our Creating an Upsell or Cross-Sell Flow and Creating a Product-Specific Flow Help Center articles which goes over how to create cross sell flows. For your particular flow though, I believe the issue is your trigger filter of “Collections equals Bras”.

Since you’re using the Equals rule, unless your products are only caught in one collection, this rule wouldn’t capture anyone. From my experience, most collections are stored in a list/array format meaning that they may belong to multiple collections. For this reason, instead of using the equals rule, you’ll actually want to use the contains rule so your trigger filter should be “Collections contains Bras”. I suspect this rule confusion is the issue since your flow filter is using the “collection contains” rule. 

It may also help to learn more about how data are stored in Klaviyo and their available data types from our About Data Types article.

I hope this helps!


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@Adamdup adding to this, unless you're building separate flows for each product you could also remove the trigger and/or filter and add conditional and triggered splits. This way you can also have a failover bucket where people who don't match any rules fall into. Which you can then have a more generic upsell for. But you could also add a split for bought underpants but no bra.

So placed order → trigger split on bra's - conditional split filtering out people who've bought the upsell product (or tailor something else to them) could also be a route.


hi @Omar @David To 

thanks a lot for your answers. 

It was very helpful