Does replying to an email count as an email click?

  • 30 November 2021
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I am working on a list cleaning flow and set “Open Email AND Clicked Email” as the metrics to exit the flow; however I’ve found some subscribers are replying that they want to stay on my email list.

I looked, and don’t see “Reply” as a possible metric to add as an “OR” option, but am wondering if replying already counts as a click?




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Hi @Portland Old Port


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Awesome to hear you’re performing list cleaning, as it is a great practice to incorporate to maintain high deliverability rates.


You are correct, a ‘Reply’ metric is not an in-house metric Klaviyo uses, nor is it synonymous with a ‘Click Email’ metric. We generally use ‘Open Email’ or ‘Click Email’ to gauge a subscriber’s interest in your brand an to measure how your messages are performing. The first metric shows that they haven’t just ignored your brand’s message and the latter shows they pursued the content even more as to ‘click’ on a button or hyperlinked text that redirected them to your site. If a customer has sent a reply message, it can be assumed that they ‘opened’ your email, however, they might not have clicked through to your site. I would suggest continuing to use those two original metrics for engagement as you list clean, as measuring these metrics are considered best practice. If you want further help on How to Increase Email Click Rates, I’d recommend checking our insightful Help Center documentation. 


If a subscriber replies to your email, this is a different event altogether. While we do not measure this event in accordance to your brand’s marketing performance, you are more than able to to create a ‘custom’ metric via API that would track if someone has replied to your emails.  A custom metric will also register in analytics so you can track this event over time. You will need to reach out to your dev team or a Klaviyo partner  to install this if you want to create this metric.


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