Does setting up all flows that are similar to each other overlap?

  • 4 November 2021
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I’m trying to set up all the flows on klaviyo but I’m not sure if that’s a wise choice. Like for the abandoned cart reminders there is an original one, one for high value vs. low value cart, and also if you’re located in the U.S. or international. If I set them all up will they overlap and spam my customers?


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Hi Jade! Welcome to the community.


If you mean that you’re going to set up ALL the flows from the Browse Ideas library, then I would put a pause on that plan. 


Those are meant to be templates you can choose to suit your own business needs/requirements.  They will definitely overlap in the example you mentioned.  Instead, start slow and build from there.  If you want to add more complexity in your flows (ie. Domestic vs International + High value vs Low value), then it can be done in one flow for the same trigger event (ie. Checkout started).


Let me know if you need help mapping out your flows!


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Hey @jadeyechan,

Definitely agree with @Mailbox Manny and their suggestion of starting slow and then building out! It’s always best practice to start with a good foundation and testing before expanding outwards to more complex flows. 

As Manny had mentioned, building out all three of those pre-built abandoned cart reminder flows will cause them to overlap one another. This is because all three of those flows are utilizing the same trigger, a Checkout Started event. Because flows are an automated process that are sent out in response to a customer’s actions, when a contact triggers this Checkout Started event, they would be queued up for all flows that are Live that use this trigger.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend taking a look at the Getting Started with FlowsGuide to Creating a Metric-Triggered Flow, and How Contacts Move Through a Flow Help Center articles to learn more about how flows function.

I hope this helps!