duplicate/clone a conditional split

  • 9 March 2021
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Is there any workaround for DUPLICATING/CLONING a conditional split? They are so tedious to set up, and I have so many in my flow. If I could duplicate or clone it, it would save me SO MUCH TIME and also ensure consistency. 

If there is zero way to achieve this, I’d like to offer this is a feature request. Is there a way to ask for features? 

We can clone an email, why not clone a conditional split?


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Hi @JimmieaQuick,

Although that is not a current feature, I’m happy to pass the suggestion along to our product team.

Also, to clarify -- you can clone the flow itself. Not sure if that helps with your use-case.



Yes, I know about and have used the clone a flow feature as I have a very lengthy conditional split to exclude 100 email domains right off the bat. (Terribly tedious to set up since I can’t bulk add all the domains.) So I created it as a template and replicate the entire flow to get that one conditional split in there.

In this particular usecase I’m taking about a flow that has 36 or so conditional splits throughout. I have to set each one up individually. It’s a real headache, and each time I recreate it there’s the chance for error. 

Thanks for submitting that as a request.

Is this a thing yet? I can’t see it… I’m on a trial and I will go elsewhere if this isn’t a feature because I ain’t continually setting up long conditional paths that repeat themselves.