Enrolling Customers manually Into An Email Flow

  • 23 March 2021
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I  am in early stages of giving away 1,000 bags of our new flagship product, the Frozen Life Bar.  I meet many people individually to drop off the bags, but I need a way to enroll people manually into an email flow since they do not go through the website. 


So far I have not seen a way to enroll people manually.  Please help me figure this out. Time is of the essence.


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4 replies

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Good Call! i guess i am just segment obsessed! 

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Hi @MVila, yes, that would work! But using a list, instead of a segment, would likely be easier. You wouldn’t have to worry about spelling anything correctly, or anything like that. To use the Quick Add function to add someone to a list, first navigate to your list, then use this button: 


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These are the steps i would take. Not sure if best, but works. 

  1. make a segment based on a custom field in klaviyo. maybe ‘promotion’
  2. The rule might just be simple, if the ‘promotion’ field exact matches “Frozen Life Bar Promo” - then add to segment. 
  3. Then the flow triggers when someone joins the segment. 
  4. To manually add people
    1. I would simple go to profiles
    2. search the person
    3. go down to information. 
    4. custom properties - add - the “promotion” field “Frozen Life Bar Promo”

This would add someone to the segment above and trigger the flow. 


another way would be to make a custom property called “FLB” and just have “if field exact matches “1” then join the segment. This way there are less words to type, less room for error. You just have to remember that “FLB” was the frozen life bar promo and “1” means they were in it. 

this requires out of klaviyo record keeping of promos and information. 


I hope this helps. 

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Hi @ColdFusionPet! I’d be happy to help with this. You could try creating a list-triggered flow, and then using the “Quick Add” function to add people to the list whenever you’d like them to enter the flow. 


Here are some resources that may be helpful: