Feature Requests: Calendar View

  • 11 July 2021
  • 8 replies

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What would it take to get a calendar view? The idea to be able to see all the campaigns laid out on a calendar would help so freaking much! Creating the content calendar there, and then building the emails from there would be a HUGE life savor. And then after that, to link it to the google calendar. DREAM! 


Also to be able to color tags and/or create a creation process… 

Idea/Editing/Needs Approval/Final/Scheduled… 

8 replies

This is ONE thing I really used to use regularly on both Constant Contact and MailChimp and would be super helpful on here. Can’t wait to see this view

I would also be interested in this feature ! In the meantime, do you have any other tools that you would suggest using ?

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Hi there @CarlySzymanski,

With our recent rebrand of our entire business, there have been other areas our product team had focused on. This feature is still on our roadmap and I hope to provide updates here as we receive them!


All the best,



Any update on this? A calendar view would be amazing!

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Hi everyone! Although we are still working on this, I am glad to see the amount of interest in this as a feature and hope to report back here soon with bigger updates.

Until then, feel free to review our Academy course on “Developing a Content Calendar”!



Agree! This would be so helpful. 


I second this!  Coming from the social media marketing world, I organize all content this way.  It would be extremely helpful to do the same with my email campaigns.

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Hello @NStrand711,

Thanks for sharing your comment with the Community.

A content calendar is a great suggestion. I agree having a visual overview would be especially helpful. I have submitted it as a proposal to the product team to consider for future implementation. In the meantime, you may be interested to explore adding a calendar event to a button, link or image to engage your customers.

Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day.