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  • 16 June 2021
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I’ve designed my first welcome series, complete with conditional triggers. If a person exits the series due to meeting a condition, I’d like them to be moved from my welcome series list to my general email list. Is this possible?


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Hello @ChristinaD,

At this time, the function you are describing of using a flow to move customers from one list to another automatically is not supported. Customers are only added to a list automatically when your customers share explicit consent and sign up to the new list such as through a signup form connected to that new list. 

Depending on what it is you were trying to accomplish, a workaround would be using an Update Profile Property step in your flow to tag your customers who have completed and/or removed from the flow through a conditional split. Through this strategy of tagging these customers who meet a conditional and are removed from a flow, you can capture these customers within a segment which can then be used as your recipient group along with your general email list when sending a campaign. You can learn more about using an update profile property action step from the Update Profile Property Action Use Cases and How to Add an Update Profile Property Action to a Flow articles. 

Hope this helps!


This use case is something Klaviyo should support out of the box. I was looking for it as part of my migration from Active Campaign to Klaviyo and I’m frustrated to learn I can't replicate my automation flows.

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Hello @mkummer,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Klaviyo Community! 

I’m sorry for the frustration that the lack of this feature has caused. I’ll share your thoughts and comments to our Product Team to explore the possibility of moving contacts from a flow through to a list. I’ll also update this thread if there is any news from our product team regarding this feature.

Really appreciate you being a member of the Klaviyo Community! Have a great day!


I could do with this feature as well. 

This feature is quite important for me too. I want to have just two lists; subscribers and customers, so that if a user unsubscribes from marketing emails, they don’t then get unsubscribed from transactional emails.

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Hey @Alice-RFH,

Thanks for sharing! Based on your used case though, Klaviyo’s transactional emails already accomplish what you are trying to do. Transactional emails are essential, non-marketing email that contain pertinent information to the recipient. For this reason they are sent out event to contacts who have unsubscribed from your marketing lists and have opted out of receiving marketing emails from your brand. 

I would suggest taking a look at the Guide to Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails Help Center article that goes into further details surrounding transactional emails and how to request your emails be considered transactional. There are also a number of Community posts surrounding this topic of Transactional emails as well. I’ve included a few that other Community members have found helpful to their understanding of transactional emails: