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  • 4 August 2021
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Hi everybody,

I am pretty new to klaviyo and need help with a flow we are running now. 
I would like to create a report which will show which email addresses (email list) entered the flow and purchased (as this is the final purpose) and I don’t know how to do that.

I can create only a report that will show how many emails entered and purchased per flow and day, please see screenshot below.

Please help.

Thank you in advance.



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Hello @Cristina - iCraft,

Great question!

Instead of using a report to run this, I would suggest using segmentation to highlight those customers who have receive this flow email and proceeded to purchase. Using segmentation would provide you a list of contacts/profiles that meet the conditions as opposed to offer you a count or sum like a report would. 

To create this sort of segment you have two options, one using the definitions of “What someone has done, Placed Order at least once in the last X timeframe where Attributed Flow equals X”.

The next alternative segment option would using the rules “What someone has done, Received Email at least once in the last x timeframe where Flow equals X AND What someone has done, Placed Order at least once in the last X timeframe”.

The difference between these two definitions and the types of customers they would capture would be based on if the customer’s purchase was attributed to the specific flow or not. With these two definitions, the first one would be capturing customers who has received the specific flow whose purchase was directly attributed to the specified flow. Whereas the second segment would be grouping customers who have received the specific flow and have made a purchase, regardless if the purchase was attributed to the specific flow or not. Another way to think about it is that the first definition would be a grouping of customers who were directly influenced by the flow email which caused them to purchase immediately after opening or clicking the email. 

Klaviyo by default, has a five day last interaction (open or click) attribution model. This means that whichever email was received within the last five days was opened or clicked prior to the purchase would receive the attribution. You can learn more about how Klaviyo’s attribution works and how it impacts your reporting from the Understanding Conversion Tracking Help Center article. 

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