Flow notification opt-in for email address is not working

  • 2 June 2021
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I’m having troubles adding an address to receive a notification email sent by a Flow. All the addresses I add don’t receive any opt-in emails.

Is it possible to manually opt-in an email to receive Flow notification emails?

5 replies

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Hey @mscheurichpatou! I’m so sorry to hear opt in isn’t working for you. Just to make sure I understand: are you using the Flow Notification Action? If so, you’ll want to confirm the following things: 

  • The user has successfully been added to the notification. You should see an “Unconfirmed” icon next to their name (it looks like a grey dotted circle) within the flow. 
  • Check your spam folder, to make sure the notification isn’t there
  • Confirm that the From email for the notification is one you are permitted to send email from. If you using a Gmail or other free email address as the “From” address for the notification, it may not be delivered successfully

I hope this helps! If you’re still not having any luck, feel free to reply here and we can do some more troubleshooting. 


Hi @elisegaines thanks for the info.

  • Email address does have grey dotted circle
  • No messages from Klaviyo are in the spam folder
  • We’re not sending from gmail/free service

Looking back at our settings, we have a different sending domain (e.g. from our root domain (eg. I’m not sure which domain the opt-in emails are being sent from and if it’s causing an issue?

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Hi @mscheurichpatou

Could you try using a From address that matches the from address of a campaign you’ve sent successfully? You’ll want to use a real, valid email address that matches your domain verification settings, or the message may not send. 




Hi @elisegaines 

We have only one From address that all the campaigns are successfully sent from, and I’ve tried it with two now (using our root domain and our sending domain) with no success.

Could it be an issue with our email authentication method? Since our domain is already verified and we already have success with sending campaigns (and other Flow emails), it seems weird that the Flow notification action emails aren’t working.

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Hello @mscheurichpatou,

Adding to @elisegaines’s points, I would recommend double checking to see if you happen to have any network filters or inbox filters in place that may be preventing these opt-in emails from being delivered to the addresses you want the notification emails to be delivered to.