Flow Question And How Shopify Collection Name Changes Effect Flows (If at all)

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Newbie here (wave) just joined the beginning of May.

Does changing a title of a Shopify collection effect Klaviyo flows associated with the name changed collection? I had a flow that seemed to be working and now its not and that is all I can think that might be the cause. 


Also, how long does it take for a profile to populate into a flow? I have one I’ve been watching from 17 hours ago. However, another profile was added to a different flow and they just ordered….so? I think my flow is messed up but I’m not sure where. This is how Its set up...



People will enter this flow when they Placed Order.


  • Collections contains (Brand)


  • Has not been in flow in the last 90 days

This is a brand new customer...they ordered from that brand but they are not in the flow...I also checked if they accept marketing and they do. I’m lost.

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Hello @Charmed Creations LLC,

Welcome to Klaviyo!
Great question!

Changing product titles, names of your collection/categories, etc. within your Shopify backend will affect how Klaviyo recognizes these fields. This means that if you had a flow targeting a specific collecting using flow filters or trigger filters, and you updated the collection name within Shopify’s backend; that updated collection would not be reflected and recognized within Klaviyo.

Klaviyo will recognize this updated collection as a brand new collection. Changes made within either Shopify or Klaviyo are not retroactive and would only be perceived going forward since the changes were implemented. This would require you to navigate into this specific Klaviyo flow to update its flow or trigger filter to recognize this new change.

Also keep in mind that Klaviyo’s filters and segmentation are case sensitive and use exact match phrasing. Using a lower case as opposed to an uppercase character would cause Klaviyo’s rules to not recognize the phrase being parsed by the definition. 

Typically, customers would enter a flow shortly after they qualify for the flow. Some instances as to why contacts would not be entering your flow can be if they do not qualify for the flow based on the flow filter or flow trigger filters you have applied. To see if this is the cause of why your contacts are not entering the flow, you can use the Preview Trigger Setup feature Klaviyo offers. Alternatively, if this was a metric triggered flow, this can potentially be caused by a delay in data processing as I had elaborated further in the below Community post.

Thanks for sharing your question with the Community!


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Thank you for responding...after going back over this with a fresh mind...I was able to identify the issue. Thank you for your time in writing back an incredible response.

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Hey @Charmed Creations LLC,

So glad you were able to identify the issue!
Do you mind sharing with the rest of the Community on what the solution was and how you were able to resolve it in case other future members may be running into the same issue?