Flow to Older Customers - Back-populating Not Working

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I’ve built a new flow called Bounce Back Reorder that’s triggered when customers order, and sends 60 days after their first order if they haven’t ordered since. I’ve back-populated this and it’s queued up thousands of emails to people who’ve ordered in the last 60 days. It hasn’t queued anyone beyond that. 

In order to try and get the tens of thousands who’ve ordered since December, I duplicated this Flow but am trying to trigger it for all people who’ve ordered before 2/25/2021, but haven’t ordered since 2/25/2021. I can’t seem to get it to back-populate, even though thousands should be eligible. How should I accomplish this? 

Screenshot of the filtering: 



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Hi @magnify,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Keep in mind, when you back-populate a metric-triggered flow, recipients will move through the flow relative to when they performed the triggering action. Also, the flow will only “look back” as far as the time delay you have in the flow. For example, if you are using a 60-day time delay in your flow, back-populating will only capture folks who placed an order in the last 60 days.

The solution here is to extend the time delay to “look back” even further. For example, in your case, since you want to capture folks from as far back as 12/01/2020, you’ll have to replace the time-delay to accommodate that timeframe (60 > 155 days) and back-populate to include your target audience in the flow. As an example, those who placed an order 100 days ago will receive the flow email in 55 days, those who placed an order 30 days ago will receive the flow email in 125 days, and so on.

Lastly, keep in mind that after you update the time delay, the new 155 time delay will apply to new folks entering the flow. Therefore, your best bet after updating to 155 days and back-populating, is to promptly change the time delay back to 60 days so that the 60 day delay applies to new folks entering the flow rather than the 155 day delay. For more use-cases and details on this topic, specifically if you get into more complex use-cases and wish to back-populate, I recommend reading our article on backpopulation.

Thanks and have a great day.

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Thanks @dov.derin, for the response. 

I don’t have a time delay in this flow at all - do I need to add one? I figured the filters I had in place would be enough if I back populated, and I didn’t want it to delay at all -- I’d like everyone who ordered between 12/1/2020 and 2/25/2021 to enter the flow immediately...

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Hello @magnify,

Thank you for your reply.

That is correct. You will need a time-delay to back-populate a metric-triggered flow. Alternatively, you can set-up a segment using the same criteria you’ve set in the flow filter and send a campaign to that segment which can dispatch immediately. The only caveat with using a segment and sending a campaign is that a campaign cannot display event-related variables but it can display personalization variables and custom properties, amongst other dynamic data.

Thanks and have a great day.