Flows with coupons during BFCM

  • 6 November 2020
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Hello all,

As we prepare for BFCM we are looking into how to manege flow’s coupons. We are cutting down the prices on the website directly and we need to turn them all off.

Would it be a good idea to clone the current flows and send a different version without incentives? 

Any recommendation on how to handle the welcome flow? What would be the best option to offer in exchange for the email on the pop-up sign up form? We are thinking about a gift card drawing to be held beginning of December.

Any advice would be appreciated!



Best answer by Taylor Clark 6 November 2020, 19:58

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4 replies

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Hi Violeta, 

Great question, one that a lot of people are asking. 

Regarding cloning the flows:

We would suggest just manually adjusting the messaging. Remove the discounts in flows where applicable, and when BFCM discounts are gone, re-add in the original discounts. 

The reason for this is that if you create a separate flow, once it is turned off, the revenue generated in that flow will not show on your dashboard/flow performance. If you just remove the discounts, the revenue generated from those flows over BFCM will continue to be tracked correctly. 

Regarding an incentive for the Welcome Series:

I think your suggestion is a great one. It is generally difficult to beat your BFCM discount so anything creative you can come up with should work. You could also think of something like “save this 10% off coupon for after BFCM ends” or simply “sign up to not miss out on other sales” 


Psychology of Coupons - Recording

We’re also hosting a BFCM Bootcamp next Thursday that goes over these questions directly. 


Let us know if we’re missing the question and hopefully this helps!


Thank you, 


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Thanks Taylor! Your comments really help and I will be sure to be at the Bootcamp too :) 

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Hi @Taylor Clark !!! I Have a follow up question, sorry!!! I understand your point about a new flow not keeping up with performance. What about doing this below? Turn on and off different versions. That would keep track of revenue, right? Or there is a different reason why you would not suggest doing this? Thanks again 


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Hi Violeta, 

Apologies for the delay, I was checking with our tech team. So you could do what you have outlined above, however, you would need to keep those emails in the flow forever if you wanted the revenue to be counted (as in if you deleted them 6 months from now for organizational purposes that historical revenue would also be deleted). 

In the end, our suggestion is still just to adjust the message of the existing emails as it will make sure no revenue is lost and you keep a tight looking flow. 

Hopefully this helps!