How can we build an automated flow that repeats itself after receiving the last flow campaign?

  • 9 October 2021
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We want to build an automated flow that repeats itself after receiving the last flow campaign (the customer is in a loop). How can we build the flow so that existing customers (and new customers) also enter the flow?


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Hi Lisa, 

This is an interesting use case.  Curious what kind of flow would this be? When do they break out of this loop? Could it go on forever?

Hi Manny, it is a “reco-Flow”. Do you have any experience of building a automated flow which is going on forever in a loop? 

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Interesting, still don’t see the use case for it.  What kind of products/services do you sell? 


I’ve never built an “infinite flow”, but if I had to, I think maybe one way to do it is this way..

  • Create a segment that people enter when they have a certain profile property (you create it)
  • Have a Trigger based on someone joining a segment
  • Do your think inside that flow
  • At the end, remove that profile property that includes them in the segment
  • Then have a delay of maybe a day (or however long you want), then in the same flow, add back that profile property that includes them in the segment so they get triggered again.

I’m no 100% sure this will work because I’ve never tried it out, but theoretically I think it should 🤷‍♂️


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Hi @LisaBre 

Thanks for posting to the Community!

I’d love to start by asking what a recoflow is exactly? To my knowledge, we don’t have a prebuilt flow like that in Klaviyo. I would also agree with @Mailbox Manny on the use case for an “infinite” flow. I also would advise against something like that unless you have a very specific use case for it. I believe that this type of flow would be bad for the user experience as they have no way to leave the Flow and constantly get emails. This would lead to a higher amount of unsubscribes as users see this as spam.

We do not have a Flow build to make it last “forever”. However, there are two methods to kind of hack the system and create flows that sort of work the same.

Option A:

You could have one Flow that has continuous time delays after each email send so that your customers will go through the follow “endlessly” as you just have more and more emails.

Option B:

The second option would be to have a flow like Manny suggested. However, instead of removing a property you would have an “update profile property” and the end of flow which leads to a second flow that triggers off segment with property B and continue that for adding property C segments, etc.

But as previously mentioned, it is probably not the best strategy. However, would love to hear your ideas on it!