How do I check for Fulfilled status = true but wait 1 day if false before checking again?

  • 22 January 2021
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I want a flow to be conditional on Placed Order = 1 (then send ‘Welcome’ email) and then checking that Fulfilled = 1 (then, after 4 days to wait for item delivery, send ‘How is it?’ email).

Query is, if conditional Fulfilled is still 0 when I do the check I want the flow to loop back and check Fulfilled again one day later. If still Fulfilled is 0, wait another day, etc, etc. How do I construct this?

I want to avoid putting in a fixed waiting time eg. 10 days before I send the ‘How is it?’ email. Reason being, sometimes I have inventory for immediate fufilling and sometimes I wait for it to arrive from other business locations before I can Fulfill, so inventory fill time can be from 1 day to 4 days. I only want to send that email after I know the order has been Fulfilled.


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I’m not sure if you’ve found the solution yet, but here it goes.

From your post, I’m understanding that you want to send one email immediately after purchase (Thank You / Welcome Email), and 4 days after you fulfill the order you want to send another email (Review Request). If this is your case, the best approach is to split the Flow into two different Flows.
1. The first Flow should be triggered by the “Placed Order” metric, which activates immediately after someone places an order. This is where you send the “Thank You / Welcome” email.
2. The second Flow should be triggered by the “Fulfilled Order” metric, which activates after you’ve fulfilled the order. In this Flow, you can add 4 days delay at the very top of the Flow, and after that, you can insert the “Review Request” email.

This way, you can be sure that regardless of how much time you need to fulfill the order, the “Review Request” email will be sent 4 days after the fulfillment.

Hope this helps!