How Do I Send a Transaction Email for Product Recall?

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi Experts,


An urgent question.


We have a product recall email ready to be sent to all the customer purchased that product, even the unsub scribers as well. I have created a segment with all the customers purchased the product and included that in the transactional flow, To send them this email, I have back populated all the recipients but so far it is showing 0. Is there anything that i am missing or is there any other way to send all these customer product recall email.

I would really appreciate if some one can respond to it asap. 

Thank you so much in advance



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Hi @Sunny


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Sorry your are in a product recall situation, would love to help you! 


Great point! Yes, when creating a segment-triggered flow, you will need to back-populate to queue users to the flow. When you say that it’s showing 0, do you mean that no one is waiting to receive the email or it has been delivered to zero profiles? If the problem is that there are 0 profiles waiting to receive the message, the problem could lie in the type of back-population you chose. You will need to choose the Back-Populate relative to the moment when you click the “Back-Populate” button. This will capture your entire segment and push them through the Flow. It should be noted that you should only back-populate after your transactional message has been approved and turned live as profiles will not queue for the flow until that point. 


Next, you will need to contact support in order to get approval to send transactional messages. Approval of transactional messages is very stringent because it deals with customers who might be suppressed, so Klaviyo needs to vet these messages and ensure no marketing material is sent. Our help center documentation on transactional emails will walk you through what you will need to provide our support team so they can judge whether or not your message is truly transactional.


 The subject line of your support request should read "Transactional Email Request" so that the email(s) reach the appropriate team for review. In your message, include:

  • URL link(s) to the flow(s)
  • Flow name(s)
  • Subject line of the email(s) that are transactional


Once support verifies that your email is transactional, you will see a green badge on the email card. You will also see the transactional status enabled for a given email under the email’s settings. Back-Populate your flow and you should be ready to go! I would also ensure your Smart Sending is turned off for this flow. 



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