How do I stop someone from receiving an email in a flow if they have received a different email?

  • 1 July 2022
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How do I exclude someone from receiving flow emails if they have received an email in a different flow?

For example:

I want to ensure that people who have received my Cart Abandonment emails in the last 7 days don’t receive the Browse Abandonment emails.

How can I do this?

I’ve looked in both conditional splits and flow filters but I cannot figure it out.



Best answer by Edgar Emmanuel 1 July 2022, 18:08

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Hi Becky, I get that you don't want to bombard anyone who's abandoned their cart within 7 days from receiving a browse abandonment email if they abandon browsing a product win that same period.


What you need to do:

is create a segment for any subscriber who has abandoned their cart in the last 7 days.


Now, in your browse abandonment flow, use a trigger filter to exclude them at the beginning of the Flow/Update profile property (has abandoned cart in the last 7days to No)


​​​​​​This will prevent them from actually getting the browse abandonment email. 


If you want to exclude 

Do let me know if this works.