How to add total price and date to subject line of staff order notification triggered by flow?


I created a flow that triggers a staff notification email whenever someone makes a purchase. In the subject line of that email I want to have the name, email, total price, and purchase date. 

This is what I have: {{ first_name }} {{ email }} {{ total_price }} {{ date }}.

Currently, however, only name and email appear when a notification is triggered. Total price and date do not appear. How can I get these to populate correctly?

My store is on Shopify. 

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Hey @deezium,

@DavidSandel, is spot on! 
Another article that may prove helpful would be both the How to Format Date Variables in Templates and Template Tags and Variable Syntax articles. Both articles touch on using variables to dynamically provide a current date. 

For example, you can use the syntax of {% today "%Y-%m-%d" as today %} {{ today }} which would return the date as 2021-05-28

Hope this helps!


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If you click on “Preview” from inside of the flow, it will bring up a dialogue box filled with a contact’s information that would be included in the flow. You can then click on the line item for the total price and purchase date to get the exact event variable that you need to use.

Klaviyo has an article explaining how to do this for building event blocks, but the method of finding your event variable from the preview window is exactly the same.