How to create product information flow for products even when bought together?

  • 6 August 2021
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Hi there,

I recently created this post about creating a flow that sends a customer an email about the product they have purchased.

I took David’s advice so it now looks like this.

This works perfectly, given that the customer only buys 1 product. 

But is there a way to alter this flow so that it sends the customer 2 sets of product information in the same email if they purchase 2 products? 3 pieces of info for 3 products purchased etc

Being realistic, I’ll be surprised if this is possible as it’s a very weird and specific thing to be done.

Cheers in advance for any responses


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Hi @ArchieCourt,


You could set up show/hide logic so that if certain items were purchased in a placed order event you could display certain image/text blocks. So you’re correct, in theory, you should be able to do this. The challenging part is if you have an extensive product offering, it can be tough to take into consideration all variations of items that can be in a placed order event. I’d recommend that if you do go this route, it may be worth picking items for the show/hide logic that you typically see being ordered together. 





Thanks @julie.accardo ! I’ll give it a go