How to log back into Klaviyo after session timeout

  • 2 November 2020
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Today you kicked me out from klavio from my shopify and forced me to RE-sign with no reason.

In addiction after I filled everything I found that you deleted all the 5 mail I got the last evenining… contact that I found by payng facebook aDV.

So know… can you give me the lead me back? or who refound my contat that you lost after my facebook ads campaign?

I was wondering to upgrade my account but after this unbelievable thing your platform is totally unreliable to work with! What about if I had 500 Mails??? 

YOu have also deleted all my sign up form!!!





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Hi there @dressandcode

Thanks for writing into our Klaviyo Community forum! I’m sorry you’re experiencing some difficulties with your Klaviyo/Shopify accounts.

If I understand this correctly, it seems as though you may have accidentally gone through the setup wizard again and created a new account after your session expired. Your original account still has profiles attached. 

I just DM’d you for a more thorough response as well! 
Hope this is helpful, 


exactly! how can I have me account back? it s really important for me and no problem about change my plan in pro! I forgot to do it in advance! 

Tnk u


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@dressandcode I’m not entirely sure what you mean by have your account back - you should be able to log in with your email address (not the support email you were using) and you should have access to your original account that way. It looks like the account was logged into earlier today. If you forgot the password to that original account, simply reset your account password by hitting the link for “forgot password”.