How to make sure klaviyo is sending emails?

  • 7 February 2021
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I've set up klaviyo but when I go incognito I'm never required to add my email to add to cart. Is there something I need to change here?

Thank you


Best answer by alison.gori 8 February 2021, 19:52

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Hi @JellyBeach,


Are you trying to test the Abandoned Cart flow you set up in an incognito browser? Feel free to send screenshots of your flow filters so others in the Community can offer their suggestions as well.

If you are looking to set up an Abandoned Cart flow, this article is pretty in-depth with how to properly set it up. Additionally, I'd add that there was a similar post in the Community where @mike.hoang shared the difference between "Added to Cart Abandoned Cart" (triggered by a custom metric) and "Abandoned Cart/Checkout" (triggered by the Shopify “Checkout Started” metric. You can read the full thread here, but here's the snippet where he explains the difference:

Without taking a look at your account, I’m wondering which abandoned cart flow you are referring to. In Klaviyo, there are essentially 2 abandoned cart flowsAdded to Cart Abandoned Cart - this flow requires an additional code snippet to be added to your e-comm platform. With that snippet, Klaviyo will know when someone adds an item to their cart and doesn’t purchase. Abandoned Cart/Checkout - this flow does not typically require an additional code snippet as the checkout started information is usually passed over through your e-commerce integration. With that said, this flow will trigger when someone actually adds something to their cart and continues the checkout process without purchasing or placing their order.