How to send a flow to site members who cancel their subscription?

  • 10 February 2021
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Hey all, 

I want to send a flow to members of our website who cancel their paid monthly subscription. I’m relatively new to this platform, but have looked at the communities questions and didn’t see anything surrounding this subject. Please help if you can!




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Hey @Tom Farren,


So the most important thing to understand would be how the information is passed to Klaviyo when a member of the website cancels their paid monthly subscription. If this is tracked as an event metric, we can use that event metric to trigger the flow. Guide to Creating a Metric-Triggered Flow

Depending on what platform or plug in you’re using, here are a few from our help center.

Using WooCommerce Subscriptions Data in Campaign and Flows

How to Integrate with ReCharge

How to Integrate with Chargebee

Guide to Integration a Subscription Ecommerce Platform


If this is being passed as a custom profile property as opposed to a metric/event, you could create a segment that has the criteria of whatever that property is being stored in Klaviyo as and can create a segment triggered flow if that information is not coming through as a metric. Guide to Creating a Segment Triggered Flow


Hope that helps point you in the right direction.