How to trigger a new flow based on click behaviour.

  • 11 January 2022
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I have set a welcome flow, and the last email contains a series of banners. Basically, users have to click on the banner of their interest and from here a new flow will start. (the click on the banner is the trigger that launch the new flow).


After reading this article ( each banner has the following link string:

{% update_property_link 'preferencelead' 'Outdoor' "LINK" %}

where Outdoor changes according to their interests.

I have then created a new segment that defines the "property". The idea is that IF users click on "outdoor banner" then they are associated with the "Outdoor" property.

The other flow has the following trigger "People will enter this flow when they Join LEAD Preferences = Outdoor" but I have notices that my test emails will not populate the flow.

What I have doing wrong?


See attached:


3 replies

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Hi there @TM_Ire,

Thanks for posting to the Community!
To start, I would like to ask if you are seeing test users that click and have their preference changed: is preference is indeed being changed when outdoor is clicked and are they joining the segment as intended?

If you are seeing users added to the segment and the profile property is being added, I would recommend taking off the second flow filter you have since you already have a trigger set for this segment based flow that if they join this segment they will get the message. 

Looking forward to your response,




@alex.hong this has been sorted. Thank you.

I just back populated flow recipients and it worked.


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Great call using back-population after setting up the segments @TM_Ire. It’s always a good measure to take if you are seeing people not enter your segments even though things were properly set up like in this case.