I accidentally deleted my flow emails - can I recover it?

  • 6 February 2021
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I made a change to one of the first conditions of a flow tree and mistakenly deleted everything after it, including the emails I had setup and all the following conditions. Yikes! Is there a way to revert back? 


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7 replies

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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there’s no way to undo changes in Flows.

This is why we always recommend creating a backup of the Flows. Just clone the Flow and rename it to something as [FLOW NAME - BACKUP {DATE}].

One other thing we’re practicing is to never create emails directly in the Flows. We create all emails for the Flows in the Email Templates section and then just load them into the Flows. That way, even if you delete the Flow, you will still have the emails ready in the Email Templates section, and vice versa.

I know that this isn’t a solution for your current situation, but I hope that these tips will help in preventing this from happening again in the future.

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@marc10 as @retention mentioned, at this current time, there is no way to undo changes or recover deleted Flows. However, this is something that the Klaviyo team is looking into, and we’re anticipating the ability to have users recover deleted Flows soon. I’ll follow up in this thread and/or as an update in a Community post when that becomes available! 


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I accidentally deleted my flow of 14 emails. Does anyone here know if it is possible to get this back, It took me 3 days to put this all together. Now I made a little mistake, wanted to delete and then all my flow was gone....

Hope someone has a solution, feel very desperate


I will add to this. I also deleted part of a flow that took me some time to build. I left the flow page immediately thinking that because I didn’t click “Save & Exit that the change wouldn't have been automatically saved. Of course, I was wrong losing all the analytics data from the emails on the flows as well as time lost.

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Hello @lexvandissel and @WH91

Although this feature is still being worked on by our Product Team, in the interim, I would recommend reaching out to support to recover these deleted flows and flow emails. 

Echoing @cassy.lee, we’ll provide an update within this thread and/or in a separate Community post when this feature is released. 

Thanks for contributing to the Klaviyo Community! Have a great day!


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Hi , if I reach out to Klaviyo support, will you be able to recover a recently deleted flow?


Looking forward to your response :)

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Hello @Bella L,

Once you’ve reached out to support, a member of our wonderful Product Experts team will be able to take a look at your request. I would recommend providing as much details as possible to our colleagues who can then recover the flow as soon as possible for you. 

Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!