I'm not sure what "items" "equals" actually means

  • 4 August 2021
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I’m not sure how the equals for items in the filter for placed order work. I mean is it just that item once? or the item count doesn’t count? and if I want a combination of items can I use the equals with and between the two items I want to consider?


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Hello @Hussein Kdouh,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

From what you’re describing it sounds like you are using the “Ordered Product” event which can only capture one item at a time. This is slightly different from “Placed Order”. One Ordered Product event is tracked for each item someone purchases. For example, if someone buys a t-shirt and a pair of pants, one Placed Order event is tracked and two Ordered Product events are recorded - one event for the t-shirt and one event for the pants. There are other differences between the two metrics that don’t pertain directly to your question but are still helpful to know for purposes of aggregating analytics, segmentation and flow filters -- for more information on the differences between these two metrics, I recommend checking out our help center guide for your specific integration:




Magento 1

Magento 2

If you want to capture a combination of items in an order “cleanly” within a given segment condition or flow, you’re best off using “Placed Order” because this will, by default allow you capture multiple items at once (see first screenshot below). Regardless of item count, as long as the item exists in the order it would qualify them, the same applies for “Ordered Product”. However, if you use “Ordered Product”  to have the same effect you would have to separate each criteria by “OR” because you can only capture one item per criteria. Also, you would use “OR” rather than “AND” because “OR” would qualify people for the condition if they meet either criteria A or B, whereas “AND” would require that they meet both criteria. For more information on “AND” vs “OR”, I recommend checkout out our guide on that topic here.

Also attaching a few screenshots below to clarify Placed Order vs Ordered Product using a segment in the example.

Using Placed Order
Using Ordered Product separated by “OR”

Hope that is helpful!


Thanks Dov, however I think I should mention that I’m using the placed order. I’m using it with text instead of list which allows the equal instead of list which allows only the contains. I have read the articles you mentioned and they’re very insightful! I would like to check if i should think of placed order equals the same as ordered product.


Thank you :D