Is it Better to send order status emails through Shopify or Klaviyo?

  • 13 October 2021
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Hi Guys,


I’m just wondering if it’s better to send Shopify order update emails through Klaviyo rather than Shopify to build old engagement through segments.

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Hi @Ethanjmiller 


Thanks for asking your question in the Community! 


Are you referring to partial and fulfilled order update emails? I’d recommend checking out third-party integrations such as Shipstation to receive granular shipping information if you would like to send these emails in Klaviyo as we only receive fulfilled order updates from Shopify. Additionally, I suggest checking to see if you are able to turn off these emails notifications in Shopify as some emails can be turned off, while others cannot. Some emails can only be turned off by a Shopify Merchant Success Manager for customers with Shopify Plus. 


However, if you’re talking about order confirmation/shipping emails, Klaviyo offers the opportunity to send order confirmation and shipping emails, just like Shopify, you have room to choose which option better suits your business needs.


If you choose to keep this information in Shopify, Klaviyo offers the option to personalize and export email templates to Shopify so you can personalize your emails and use our drag-and-drop editor to make creating the emails easier and align with the branding displayed your other Klaviyo-sent emails. However, if you choose to keep these notification emails in-house, as you design both your campaigns and flow emails through Klaviyo, you have the option to do so as you account pulls the information necessary to dynamically populate each email according to the customer’s specific journey and purchases. Do you mind adding more context on what you’re looking to do with these segments? Are you looking to activate Winback Flows or a Re-Engagement Campaign?


However, I’d love to turn this conversation over to hear why users use one over the other and their rationale behind it! 


Thanks for asking this insightful question in the Community!