item.url not linking to product for viewed products

  • 11 March 2022
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I have followed this article here;


All 3 methods on that page will show the most recently viewed products in the email fine. However, the product image and title are not linked to the product page. There is no link at all.

I have tried to troubleshoot without success, and wondered if anyone could shed some light on where I might be going wrong?


Not using a pre-built ecomm platform.


Have attached photo of a user profile who has Viewed Product as tracked in Klaviyo and information recorded there too.

Recently Viewed Data from same user profile:



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Hello @mbarnes_uk,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think it would be helpful to the rest of the Community if you could include some screenshots of how you’ve built out the dynamic table black. Since its just the product image and the product title not linking back to your site, can you confirm if you’ve applied the appropriate variable syntax to the product image’s Link URL? Although it’s not stated in the Help Article, you’ll need to manually apply the appropriate syntax as the image’s Link URL in order for it to bring users back to the product page. For example, if it was the first item in the array, you’ll need to use the {{ person.ViewedItems.0.Url }} syntax. 

In terms of how you’re linking the product title, I would ensure you’ve wrapped the syntax correctly to ensure that it is set up as a hyperlink. This would be step 4 in the How to Insert Recently Viewed Items into an Email Help Center article where the <a href="{{ person.ViewedItems.0.Url }}"><strong>{{ person.ViewedItems.0.Title }}</strong></a> syntax is meant to create the hyperlink.

I’d also be curious to know if your emails were landing in the Spam box. When emails end up in the spam folder, inbox providers will strip away a number of links, breaking any hyperlinks that may be effected. If this was the case, I would suggest reviewing our How to Strengthen Your Sender Reputation and Guide to Warming Your Sending Infrastructure Help Center articles to learn more about improving your deliverability to improve your chances of your emails of reaching the inbox. 

I hope this helps!