Klaviyo and Integrated Flow Issues

  • 26 May 2022
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I am working on creating a loyalty program that triggers email flows in Klaviyo. I have successfully integrated and the logic of the portion is sound, however in Klaviyo when I create conditional splits and try to look for shopify tags that are identical to what I am sending through rise, It will always go down the no path. It will process it as if it had no tag or a different tag. I have also tried to use lifetime spent and input the tiered values on the rise end and no dice. It appears that the information I am looking for is not coming through to Klaviyo in the way that I am thinking. Has anyone had any experience trying to accomplish such tasks? Also does anyone know where I can get some in-depth technical documentation regarding the inputs that can be used for the conditional splits and triggers? I should also note that all of this is being processed through the workflow testing feature. Thanks in advance.


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Hi @zosburn,

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Are you seeing that under profiles and the properties about someone filter, you are not seeing the tags and properties coming in from Rise?

Reading through's documentation on their integration with Klaviyo, it appears that once you enabled's integration with Klaviyo, the account property should be sent to us. 

I would recommend removing the integration in and then re-adding it, following the documentation I linked above. If the property is still not being sent to Klaviyo, I would reach out to support for help. 

Lastly, you will want to check that customers in actually do have tags in that platform. If they don't, then the tags will not appear in Klaviyo, even if the integration is correctly set up. 

If you are having issues with Shopify tags not appearing in Klaviyo, I would suggest responding here with examples of profiles with the proper tags on Shopify + Klaviyo to see if data is being passed. Additionally, you could show us the conditional split filters etc to see if there is an issue there as well.


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I think I found the issue. It turns out that when you input a customer tag in the workflow testing environment, that information in no way goes to the Klaviyo side of the integration. I found that if I set the tags in my flow in the THEN portion of the condition, It will set those tags and process it through Klaviyo. I also discovered that tags aren't added to the mock customer, just changed, so I had to add every relevant tag at once. Thank you for your response.

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Thanks for that follow up and letting the Communuty know @zosburn. We appreciate the insight and collaboration you’ve offered.


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