New Arrival Email Campaign {List & Segment}

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi Klaviyo Community,

I'm new here. If you could give me a little advice, that would be great. I am starting a campaign for one of my clients. "New Arrival" is the campaign. It's my first experience with the campaign. 

Right now, I want to get to know about which segment should I target for my New Arrival campaign? Newsletter Members: 20, New Subscribers: 19, Active profile: 799.

Would someone be able to guide me in creating a specific segment and targeting them for the "New Arrivals" campaign other than those in the Newsletter, New Subscribers segment.

I have also created flows for this brand. Within 15 days flows revenue is 13%. 

  • Welcome Flow AED4,585
  • Abandoned Cart Flow AED1,970
  • Customer Thank You AED1,665 

I would like to know which segment is the best to target. I would like to generate good revenue from it. 

If possible, please share a screenshot of the segment definition.

Klaviyo community, I look forward to your response!

Thank You,

Hamza :slight_smile:


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Hello @realhans,

Welcome to the Community!

Deciding who you want to target for your campaigns is highly dependent on your marketing decision and business goals. I would advise though on targeting your engaged contact as suggested in the Understanding Deliverability Best Practices Help Center article as that is best practice. 

Also keep in mind that Active Profiles are a culmination of both contacts who have opted-in and subscribed to your list and those who have been recognized and added to your Klaviyo account through general engagement. This means that a large number of these contacts may not have shared explicit consent to be emailed. For this reason we typically recommend isolating only highly engaged contacts who are interested in your brand to target. You can find some best practices and some segmentation examples from both the How to Create an Engaged Segment and How to Create an Unengaged Segment articles.

If your account is new, I may also suggest taking our [NEW] Creating an Effective Acquisition Strategy Using Signup Forms Academy course on building effective signup forms. This course can give you some great advise on how to entice subscribers to build out a more engaged audience.

For more hands-on assistance and account specific marketing strategies and suggestions, I would also suggest finding and reaching out to our extensive network of Klaviyo Partners such as @retention, @Mailbox Manny, and @Omar to name a few.

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!