New subscribers not going into newsletter

  • 25 January 2021
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Hi There,


I am noticing that lately my new subscribers are not going into the newsletter list. On of the last even added some products in the cart but I can’t see it in Klaviyo stats and so not triggering any abbandonned cart email.

any help?


6 replies

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The signup form that you set up is triggered by Welcome Flow. When someone fill-up the form they go through by Welcome Series. Make sure that triggered!

And the Abandoned Cart Flow is triggered by When someone “Checkout Started” and Flow filter is “Placed Order” zero times since starting the flows. 

Hope you will be able to make it!

If it’s still not working check the Activity Feed, still not working maybe your integration problem.



thanks for your reply. All the settings appear correct to me, but still subscribers don’t get into the welcome flow, specially when they go into another segment (engaged etc etc). I have noticed the problem with customers who subscribe, then for example add something in their cart and they become automatically engaged, and the welcome flow is not triggered.

that happened yesterday  as well with a new subscriber.

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@Daniele_Caglio  can you tell us more about your welcome flow? How do you trigger it? NEwsletter list, a specific segment or something else?


Welcome flow is triggered when someone is added to newsletter...that’s it

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@Daniele_Caglio  I do understand but is it a list or segment?


when someone goes into the newsletter list the flow it is triggered, but I am noticing that if a new subscriber gets immediately in the engaged segment because maybe he has seen some products he doesn’t get into the newsletter list so the flow is not triggered...