Nothing happens after clicking "notify me when back in stock"

  • 26 January 2021
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Please see screenshot. I just added the Back in Stock flow, and when someone enters their email, the button goes grey and then nothing happens. No confirmation screen and the window doesn’t disappear. Any ideas? The email is still coming through on my end, however.



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2 replies

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I don’t why this happens if you set up everything perfectly!

When you put your email add. into it, did the email gone into your klaviyo acc? If YES then you set it up everything perfectly.

review this link again:

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Hi @sendeats,

Thank you for sharing your question with our Klaviyo Community. And thank you @forman for your reply.

By default, Klaviyo’s back-in-stock modal will not display a full success message modal like a Klaviyo sign-up form. You should, however, see a green success note after entering your email into the modal and clicking “Notify me when available”. Can you let me know if you do not see this happening?

Additionally, we will not automatically close the modal after submit. If your profile is logging the “Subscribed to Back in Stock” event and is receiving the back in stock email, then as @forman mentioned, everything is working as expected.

Thanks and have a great day.