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I have a quiz in Octane AI with an email opt-in at the end; however, during testing the lists are not being populated in Klavyio and the emails aren’t being sent out. I am brand new to Klavyio and am not sure where to start to figure out why it isn’t working. I created custom segments and flows for the emails to be sent. The segments are based on properties gathered from the quiz.  If someone could please help I would greatly appreciate it!

Here are the Segment and Flow Details:


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Also, per further investigation the customer that is opting-in has a profile with all of the quiz data captured in Klavyio, however the trigger is not working.



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Hey @JeSuisDiva,

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Are contacts being captured by the Almost Eyes segment you highlighted in your first screenshot? If contacts are not being captured by this segment, then they would not be served this flow. Segment triggered flows are served to contacts at the moment they meet the segment definitions and are added to the segment. Your second screenshot, when previewing the trigger setup seems to show that no contacts have been added to the segment; which would indicate that your segment definitions may be set up correctly. 

I would first ensure that the profile value you are selecting of “Almond Eyes - QUIZ” and “Almond Eyes - KNOWN” are spelled correctly as Klaviyo’s definitions are both spelling and case sensitive. I would also recommend using the “Equals” rule as opposed to the “Contains” rule you have in the definition since it doesn’t sound like the data type for this property you are passing is in a list format. 

Hope this helps!