Only display specific product in Browse Abandonment

  • 26 January 2022
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I work for a company selling ebikes/escooters as well as accessories for those. 


I’m trying to create a Browse Abandonment flow specific to a category in order to add rich content to support the basic dynamic content blocks. I’ve created 2 flows (one for e-bikes and one for e-scooters), including trigger filters based on collection (we use Shopify) to make sure we capture the right customers for each. So far so good. 


The problem comes when someone browses both an ebike or escooter and one or many accessories as the dynamic content block can sometime pulls the accessory rather than the ebike/escooter, which doesn’t look good when the whole email is about ebike or escooter. 


Is there a way to only display ebikes for the ebike flow and escooters for the escooter flow?  

1 reply

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