Only the 1st step of the welcome flow is working

  • 21 January 2021
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I have a 4 step welcome flow, and customers are being skipped after the 1st step. I had smart sending on but I since turned it off. IDK why having it on would affect it though because I wasn’t sending other emails. Can I backflow all these skipped recipients? What should I fix?



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Hi @sendeats !

It’s a little tricky to troubleshoot from the screenshot, but here are a few things to consider:

When was this flow set live? If you click into the analytics for email 2, is anyone queued up to receive this email soon? I see 249 are “waiting.”

Are there any flow filters on your flow that might be removing users?

I see you have different message variations. What weights are the email variations set to? If everything is set to 0%, then that could explain the email not sending.


Just a few things to help get started here. Let me know what additional information you can provide!

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Very helpful, thank you! The weights are set to 50% each, so it isn’t that. I think the filters are the cause, as you’ll see in the screenshots below. The filter is meant to only new people, but I think “created in the last day” is the problem. How to get around that? I’m sure I structured it poorly.




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Ah, yes! That flow filter is most definitely the problem. Great catch.

Instead of using a flow filter, you can add this condition as a conditional split at the very top of your flow, before the first email.

[CONDITIONAL SPLIT] Properties about someone » Created is in the last day. Then your flow will go down the “yes” path.

This way, the created date is evaluated at the start of the flow, but not throughout the remaining flow steps.

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done, thank you! How can I email the ones who were already skipped?

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You can try backpopulating your flow, which will allow you to pull users in retroactively.

However, I would be cautious with this as you don’t want to send content that may no longer be timely/relevant for your subscribers.

Depending on your flow length & content, it may be better to send a one-off campaign to the skipped users.