Product Based Flows

  • 27 June 2022
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I am working on creating a flow for people who have purchased a specific product. There are over 200 products, is there a way for me to import a list of products to set that up as a trigger? Or do I have to set them all up manually? 

3 replies

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Hello Sara,

You can create a ‘trigger split’, which gives you many options to specify which product(s) that you want to target. 

For example if the products that you want the flow to go to is in a specific collection, you can use that.  Or if the products have word(s) in their title that are common between them, you can filter in that way.  

There’s more info on this here:


What about for a list of products though? They don’t necessarily have the same title, is that something you can set up that way or would you have to do that manually by each sku?

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If the list of products that you want to use for the flow doesn’t exist anywhere as a collection, and if the products are truly disparate - and have no common data points like SKU ranges, keywords, prices, etc.. 

If each product is unique...  

Then creating a collection for these products in Shopify might be the most efficient way to do this.  It would be a one-time time investment but then you could use that collection again in Klaviyo for other email marketing purposes.  

But think about the data points of the products in this list and how you could set up multiple filters to get to the correct list in Klaviyo.  Is it a list of 200 completely different products? 

Or is it a list of all sunglasses + sunscreen + beach towels, for example.  If this is true, you can set up a filter for the product name to include the relevant keywords.