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  • 29 March 2022
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Hi All, few questions

  • Why is it showing 350 forms submitted while my welcome flow only sending out 56? I checked that the list is correct, and the flow is active. Right now my guess will be because the list is set to be double opt-in. 


  • if it really is the problem of double opt-in, should I switch it to single opt-in?
  • is there a way to increase people who truly opt-in? 

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3 replies

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Hey DD,

Thank you for taking the time to reply with answers with clarity. I checked, it was due to double opt-in. 

Again, thanks for the help.

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Hi @Rara,

Thank you for sharing this question with the community.

Glad to hear you’ve taken some preliminary steps to ensure the flow status is correct and the correct list is connected to the sign-up form.

There could be a number of reasons why there’s a discrepancy between those numbers. For one since you are using double opt-in, some of the discrepancy will likely be from users who haven’t yet confirmed their subscription. So they have filled the form and the double-opt-in confirmation email is still sitting in their inbox. They will not be added to the list (and thus not trigger the flow or receive the flow email) until they click the confirmation email in their inbox. I recommend adding a call-out in the success message of your sign-up form to remind users to check their inboxes for a confirmation email. Include a line for them to also check their spam/junk folders because sometimes the opt-in email can find its way in here. You can also consider enabling single opt-in to circumvent this step altogether. 

Another reason for this discrepancy between submits and users receiving the email could be at the flow-level. For example, users who are skipped from this flow email due to smart sending, or another reason. I recommend navigating to the flow email then click on View all Analytics, you will be taken to the full analytics overview for the email, then click on Recipient Activity.


The Recipient Activity tab contains data about how people are interacting with your flow message, check out the “Skipped” section and the “Other” section for other reasons why users may not have received this flow email. 

I’d also consider the timing of when you set up the sign-up form compared to when the flow went live. If you had the sign-up form running and were collecting users in the list prior to turning the flow live, you would’ve had form submits accumulating without triggering the flow email. In this was indeed the case, you could backpopulate the flow to retroactively place those users through the flow (starting from the top of the flow). If you’re interested in this and are looking for instructions, please see the solution from the thread below:

Thanks for being a member of our community, I hope that was helpful.