Replacing existing email in flow

  • 23 February 2021
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First time post although I have been with Klaviyo for nearly a year.

I made the mistake today of completely replacing a single email in a flow, removing the original.  From memory I THINK that means that emails will come to a screaming halt when people are tracking through the flow.

I think I have to clone the whole flow to get it working again.  Am I correct or will the visitors flow through?.  This email is preceded with a Conditional Split.

I hope this is enough info.

2 replies

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Hi there,

Is the flow currently live? Did you delete the only email in the “Yes” direction? If you can post a screenshot of the flow that would help to provide more context.




Thank you for your help @caroline.  As it turns out it looks like the flow is working normally without any extra action.  I am relieved to see this.

Nevertheless I have added a pic.  The new email I added, deleting the original is the “DNO Welcome series. Email 1”.  

Having been through this process I am assuming that if I did the same thing again, assuming the Conditional Split was in place, replacing the email wouldnt matter (except I’d lose the stats.

Hope this makes sense.