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  • 28 September 2022
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It seems a version of this question has been asked and answered in the past, but just to confirm:
It is not currently possible to inject actual content into a template (or direct HTML) via the API?
Looking at the API documentation, I don’t see any way fields that seem to support it. The reason why I am asking is that we use Klaviyo for transactional emails right now (for ecommerce) and would like to test ways of publishing content from our site as newsletters. Mailchimp does to support this option, to fetch content from a site, and inject that content as HTML into a campaign (we are using Make for API integrations). Ideally we could do the same with Klaviyo and not use two different email marketing channels.


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Hello @tjwang,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! 

Happy to provide a clarification and confirm that at present, we do not support injecting content into templates via API. I think you may find some of the discussion points in the below Community posts helpful:

Although this sort of function isn’t available right now, our Product Team is actively working on expanding our API capabilities. These new capabilities included in the v3 version includes some enhanced feature of our previously depreciated templates API. If you’re interested, you can signup to our API beta through the form here.

Another idea that comes to mind that I would suggest looking into is potentially using a custom web feed. Using custom web feeds are similar to the behavior you’re explaining of being able to automatically have a template pull data from a specific source - in this case a web feed. A common use case for this would be if a brand has a routine blog that they would like to highlight in their emails. Instead of having to manually add each new blog entry to their templates, because the template is connected to a web feed the email content is updated automatically to showcase the latest blog content.

I hope this helps!