Shipping Reminder Email Based on Time and Day an Order is Placed?


I am trying to create a flow that sends an email to customers reminding them of relevant shipping policy details. 

For example: 

We only send out orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week, with a daily order
cut-off time of 9:00am for same day dispatch.

If a customer places an order after 9:00am on Monday or Tuesday, I would like an automated email to be sent letting them know their order will be sent the following day. 

If an order is placed between 9:00am Wednesday and 11:59pm Sunday, I would like an automated email to be sent letting them know their order will be sent on Monday.


Despite having this information displayed in multiple areas on the website (shipping policy, announcement banner, individual product pages) we often get customers asking when their order will be sent. 

I tried creating a flow from scratch but I can’t see a trigger that allows for the ‘event’ to be the time / day an order in placed? 

I am using Klaviyo with my Shopify website.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be really appreciated :)  Thanks


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Hello @CrazyCritters,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

While Klaviyo can delay an email send until a specific day and time after an event is triggered, we cannot conditionally tie the time delay back to the timing of the event. For example, if somebody places an order, Klaviyo can delay that email until the next day at 9:00, however we cannot conditionally filter users down another path based on the time of their order.  

In light of this, my recommendation is to include a flow email that is immediately dispatched after the item(s) in question are shipped (typically folks will use “Fulfilled Order” to trigger a Shipping Confirmation email) with the information you described pertaining to delivery times i.e. if you fulfilled your order after 9:00 a.m. on a Monday or Tuesday, expect your order to be shipped the next day. Or, if you fulfilled your order on Wednesday - Sunday expect your order will be sent on Monday. We have a great guide on using variables for specific dates and other helpful items in our article on template tags and variable syntax

Thanks and have a great day.

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Hello @CrazyCritters,

Echoing @dov.derin’s point at this time, it is not possible to trigger a flow based on the day of the week a customer triggered an event. However, I’ll be sure to submit this as a feature request to our Product Team and share your use case with them to explore adding it to Klaviyo.

Some possible solutions you can use for this is creating two flows, both flows triggered off of the Placed Order event. One of these flows would be served to your customers who purchased on Monday and Tuesday with email messaging indicating that their orders would be sent the following day; while the second flow would be meant for your customers who placed an order between Wednesday and Sunday whose messaging would say their orders would be sent on Monday. With both of these flows, you would be turning the Monday/Tuesday flow to Draft on Tuesday night and the Wednesday through Sunday flow to Live and vice versa come Sunday.

This would allow customers who placed an order on these respective days to only be queued up for the flows that are live; causing customers who placed an order on Monday or Tuesday to be queued up and receive the Monday/Tuesday flow that is Live and excluded from the Wednesday to Sunday flow. In turn, this would allow customers who placed an order sometime between Wednesday through Sunday to be queued up for the Wednesday to Sunday flow, which is Live and excluded from the Monday/Tuesday flow that is in Draft.

Alternatively, a more automated method to accomplish this would be to leverage Klaviyo’s Track API to share a custom event to Klaviyo indicating the day of the week these customer’s orders took place. With a custom API event synced along with the Placed Order event, you can either create conditional splits in a singular flow while incorporating this custom event or create two flows while incorporating this custom event into the flow filters. The strategy for this would be similar to that of a flow targeting specific products.

With the singular flow method, you can have your flow triggered by the Placed Order event followed by a short time delay and a conditional split rule such as: “What someone has done, Custom_Event_Monday/Tuesday at least once in the last hour” which would cause customers who triggered this event to be brought down the YES path of the flow. You would then have the flexibility to only have this custom event triggered when customers make a purchase on Mondays and Tuesdays; thus allow those customers who have not triggered this custom event brought down the NO path to inform them their order will be shipped on Monday. 

If the automated method is one you wish to pursue, I would recommend reviewing the following guides on creating your own custom API event and potentially reaching out to one of our many talented Agency Partners who can provide more developmental assistance.

Hope this helps!