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Hi all


I’m looking to show particular content on a weekend on our order confirmation emails. Just a note that we are closed on weekends and will dispatch first thing on Monday.


I tried this in a text book condition: event|lookup:'current_weekday' == 'Sunday' but it does not appear to work. Does anybody know why?

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Hi @SDBradfo 


Thanks for sharing your question with the community!


I would suggest taking a look at the Klaviyo help doc around time delays. You’re able to limit a flow email to a specific day of the week. This will delay the email going out to the days specified in the filter, in your example M-F. 

I believe you were trying to show the block based on event variables but unless we get the day of the week as a piece of data with the metric that triggers this flow, it won’t work.


I hope this helps!

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Hello @SDBradfo

Building on top of @marissanunez, alternative suggestions would be to use a series of flow filters or conditional splits within a flow to ensure that your emails are sent out on a specific day. You can find more details form a similar Community post here:

Hope this helps!