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  • 27 March 2021
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 Hy, i create a pop up on signup forms to take the e-mail and give 10% discount. I create a on FLOWS a welcome series connected on the signup forms list. The problem is that it doesn't send emails!!!!! the e-mail are live, the list of the pop up is the same of the list of flows…...


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Hi @Victor993,


Two things come to mind to check first:

  1. Has the email(s) in the welcome series been turned to live status. Here’s our help center article on how to set the status of a flow email(s) to live
  2. Does your main mailing list have double opt-in enabled? If double opt-in is enabled, the default functionality is that a subscriber will signup through the signup form and then an email will automatically trigger for them asking them to confirm their email address. Once they confirm their email address through the double opt-in email, they will then be added to your main mailing list which is used to trigger the welcome series. If subscribers are not confirming their email address in the double opt-in email, they will NOT be added to the main mailing list and as a result, will not trigger the welcome series. Here’s our help center article on double opt-in.


I hope this helps!