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  • 9 November 2020
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Hello, we recently set up our SMS campaign but no text messages have been delivered since starting it. So far it lists that 58 were “skipped”. Some of these we understand like no consent, failed trigger or invalid number but the majority of them say “Missing Number”. 


We tried to test this out with a few employees of ours and we put our numbers in and initiated the flow but we did not receive the SMS message. We received the emails that we are expected to receive but for some reason we have not had a single SMS message deliver to anyone. Any idea what’s going on and what we can do? Below are screenshots: 





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2 replies

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Hi @SportingSmiles

Thanks so much for being a part of our community and asking your first question! 

I would recommend checking to ensure that you are collecting consent from your SMS subscribers. I know you mentioned that some of your employees tested this by adding their phone numbers, but they will need to also opt in to receive SMS marketing. You can test this by using this article, to upload a list of SMS contacts. 

It doesn’t look like you currently have a signup form that is capturing SMS consent/phone numbers either, so I would recommend setting this up so that you can gather both email and SMS from your customers. You can learn to do that here in this article

If there’s a phone number in the profile but no consent, the SMS wont send. Additionally, if there’s consent but no phone number, the SMS will also not send. I recommend checking both of these things on your account. You can check how many SMS subscribers you have by creating a segment. You can do this by following these steps.

One last thing on SMS is that if someone formats their phone number incorrectly, it will flag as Invalid Phone Number. Here’s an article that gives an overview of accepted phone number formats

Hope this is helpful! 


Thank you for the wealth of information! I’m happy to look into the articles and get it running properly.